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My mother has recently been diagnosed with the early stages of dementia and, needless to say, this is causing me concern and I’m losing sleep as a result. I’ve tried to get a good eight hours before I have to get up and start work by 9.00 – fortunately I work from home as a writer/digital typist for the real estate industry so I don’t HAVE to be up before 8.30, but even if I go to bed at midnight and read or listen to dreamy classical music on the radio for half an hour, I still find myself tossing and turning well before the end of my eight hour sleep!

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Are you one of those people who loves eating walnuts at Christmas but then seldom buys them throughout the year? I currently have a packet of them in my cupboard “just in case” I feel like making a date and walnut or coffee and walnut cake and just occasionally I fancy a smattering on my cornflakes if I haven’t got any of the honey nut variety to hand.

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Back in 2009 I published a true Victorian tale surrounding the murder of a 4 year old boy in Wiltshire. The local police weren’t able to solve the crime so the magistrates called for the assistance of Scotland Yard and to that end Jonathan Whicher took on the case although it ultimately resulted in his loss of credibility. I have now republished this, as a new TV drama is about to hit our screens on ITV here in the UK surrounding another Whicher tale and I thought some of my readers might be interested!

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Once again, despite my love of British history, the only thing that I seem to remember from my school days about King Alfred is that he was holed up somewhere in some sort of boggy terrain following a lengthy battle and, due to exhaustion had fallen asleep by a fire and managed to burn some cakes!

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So, here we are again and nothing has really changed. We had a mystery bird out in our meadow but did a bit of delving and discovered what it was; we celebrated Adam's birthday at the end of March; and I managed to research and publish an article on the discovery of Richard III's corpse - "lost" in the UK about 500 years ago!

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