Bookmark and Share Could Kung Fu Panda Reverse Ageing?

I think the majority of us would love to live to a ripe old age and be healthy to boot, but is it actually possible to reverse the ageing process to some degree? A recent survey carried out at the University of California believes it is.

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Bookmark and Share Howard Stern’s Co-Host Robin Quivers Finally Returns After Battle With Cancer

She had been working remotely on the show while she received treatment, but yesterday was her first time back in the studio. It took four rounds of chemotherapy and radiation to beat the cancer, but she has finally been cured.

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Bookmark and Share Oesophageal Cancer and Men

Most of my articles are based on either health issues embracing all genders or those that affect women. Being a woman myself I suppose it’s inevitable. But this time around I have discovered something which may be more interesting to men.

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Bookmark and Share Breast Cancer and Diet

Cancer is one of those awful diseases that seem to scare the entire human race. It affects men, women and children alike and can stealthily creep up on its victim who, blissfully unaware of the initial strike, can live with it for months before feeling any ill effects.

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Bookmark and Share Healthy Heart and Walnuts

Are you one of those people who loves eating walnuts at Christmas but then seldom buys them throughout the year? I currently have a packet of them in my cupboard “just in case” I feel like making a date and walnut or coffee and walnut cake and just occasionally I fancy a smattering on my cornflakes if I haven’t got any of the honey nut variety to hand.

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