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Bookmark and Share Global Super Junction MOSFET Market 2014-2018

Super junction MOSFETs are power semiconductor components used for high-frequency and high-voltage applications. They are fabricated using two types of technology, multi-epitaxial growth and deep trench. Multi-epitaxial growth technology uses the multiple epitaxy and doping processes to create a doped area in the epilayer, which diffuses and creates an N-doped layer. Deep trench technology uses the deep reactive ion etching technique to create a trench, which is then filled with an N-doped material to form the super junction structure.

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Bookmark and Share Nanotechnology Market Outlook 2020

Nanotechnology is a growing interdisciplinary technology often seen as a new industrial revolution. Nanotechnology is increasingly attracting worldwide attention owing to its wide range of end uses. Whether it is solar power industry where nanotechnology-based solar panel are developing or biomedical industry where nanotechnology has proved helpful in the treatment of Cancer, the nanotechnology has marked huge success.

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Bookmark and Share Foodfight!

Have you ever wanted to see a film starring some of the mascots from your favorite products such as "Mr. Clean", "Mrs. Buttersworth" and etc? Well if you have, then you may get you're wish in this strange new animated feature known only as "Foodfight!" It only features mascots from some of your favorite brands, but they also fight together against the evil tyranny known only as brand x.

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An exiled self indulging squirrel named Surly tries to pull off the biggest nut heist in history to get food for the winter, while being aided by his former park brethren. Meanwhile, the nut store also serves as a front for a human gang's underground operation to rob a bank. Come watch this animated film heist, as it unfolds.

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Bookmark and Share Ernest & Celestine

Based on a series of books by Gabrielle Vincent. A young mouse named Celestine befriends a bear named Ernest. Although it's forbidden by society for a bear and a mouse to ever become friends, the two form an unlikely bond with one another that changes their lives forever. Come witness a touching story about friendship.

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