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Woody Allen creates another interesting romantic comedy that pays homage to many of the classics like "It Happened One Night" and etc. Although I would hardly call this his best work, but "Magic in the Moonlight" has it's own unique charm to it. Emma Stone and Colin Firth have a lot of great chemistry together, and it has a charming story as well. Definitely a treat to watch if you're into old school romantic comedies.

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Richard Linklater brings us a film unlike anything we've ever seen before. "Boyhood" is essentially a movie about life itself, and some of the hardships we all go through growing up. The film chronicles a boy's life from age 5 to age 18, as we watch this child's life unfold before our very eyes. It's an interesting character study, and it's arguably one of the best movies of all time.

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A disgraced music executive is down on his luck, as he tries to drown his sorrows in another glass of alcohol after a long day. However, he has a chance meeting with a young song writer/singer, whom he thinks might have some potential. The two exchange pleasantries, as they form a collaborative effort that could change their lives forever.

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Bookmark and Share Critic's Corner: Robin Williams Tribute

For my 700th hub, I've decided to bring back "Critic's Corner" to honor not only one of the best actors/comedians that ever lived, but also a man that's helped countless of lives through his charity contributions in that past. Robin Williams was a great man, as it's a shame that he had to die. May he forever rest in peace.

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Chadwick Boseman plays the iconic singer, James Brown, in this latest biopic about his life. Chronicling the days when he was just a boy, while also showing how he would go on to become one of America's greatest musicians of all time. "Get On Up" may not be the best biopic out there, but it's definitely has style.

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