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Inspired by a true story. Matthew McConaughey plays an electrician and hustler, who's a bit of a womanizer, drug addict, racist and a bit homophobic. However, he soon finds his life turned upside down, when he discovers that he's been diagnosed with the HIV virus. And sadly back in 1985, the only known medication for it was in the testing stages, and it's toxic. This forces him to seek an alternative means of medication that isn't exactly FDA approved, which sparks interest from the government.

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In this latest Disneynature documentary, we follow a family of Alaskan bears, as they wake up from their hibernation. Throughout the film, we see many of the hardships and dangers that await them along their way. Narrated by John C. Reilly, who manages to add his own brand of humorous commentary to make things interesting.

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Taking place nine years later after the events of "Before Sunset", we find our lovely couple married with two beautiful twin daughters. However, as we watch them discuss their lives up to this point, we find out all their happiest memories to even some of the mistakes they feel they might've made along the way; hence bringing up the eternal question...does love truly last forever?

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After being snubbed to attend a party, the evil fairy Maleficent casts a curse upon the princess, to where she will fall into a deep slumber on her 16th birthday, and will never awaken again. However, the spell can be broken only by true love's kiss. Although the film is a bit dated by today's standards, it's still a fairly enjoyable movie for what it happens to be.

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IRS Scandal#3 Taxpayers Are Enraged! IRS Employees Get Millions In Bonuses While Paying Zero Income Tax:

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