SheToldMe Content Policies

Members of SheToldMe may not post scoops linking to:

* Content related to India, Pakistan, China and other non-western countries
* Pornography, adult or mature content, including articles describing sex tips
* Violent content
* Content related to racial intolerance or advocacy against any individual, group or organisation
* Excessive profanity
* Hacking/cracking content
* Gambling or casino-related content
* Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia content
* Sales of beer or hard alcohol
* Sales of tobacco or tobacco-related products, including electronic cigarettes
* Sales of prescription drugs
* Sales of weapons or ammunition (e.g. firearms, firearm components, fighting knives, stun guns)
* Sales of products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods
* Sales or distribution of coursework or student essays
* Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites or reading emails
* Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others

Members are also not permitted to submit scoops descriptions in a language other than english.

Penalties will be severe and with no additional warning. It is very important to respect those policies because they are those of Google AdSense, and members ignoring those rules will be banned from the site and their AdSense ID will be blacklisted. This isn't a joke.

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