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If you are not a Google AdSense Publisher, the following may not concern you at all, except if you're already planning on making money online, in this case open an AdSense account, otherwise you don't need to read any further and can enjoy to the fullest extend by promoting your blog or website or simply by discovering new blogs, sites and all kind of content, for this go to The Front Page.

If you are a Google AdSense Publisher, perhaps you already know about the AdSense Revenue Sharing concept and you would like to know the details of the program? But first make sure you read this about our referral program, it's mind-blowing! Now, if you want the details of our "classic" AdSense revenue sharing program, here they are:

- For each link you submit to a page is created with the title of the link, the link, a description, a screenshot of the website hosting the link, a link to your main site (optional: only if you fill in the field in your user account)

- Up to 3 AdSense blocks are displayed on this page, if you fill in the AdSense Publisher ID in your account, an AdSense block with your ID will be located closest to the title of your link, at the best spot in terms of CTR, 100% of the time. If you don't want to participate in the AdSense Revenue Sharing program and don't fill in the field in your account, there will be no ads at this location.

If you have never heard about the AdSense Revenue Sharing concept before and you're afraid it might get you into trouble with AdSense, here are a few facts you should know:

- AdSense Revenue Sharing is allowed by Google, it has been happening on many community-based websites in the past, as far back as 2004 (AdSense is born in 2003)

- Several AdSense Publisher ID can be displayed on a single page, as long as the total number of ad blocks is within AdSense policies (3 Ads blocks, 3 Adlinks, 2 AdSense search boxes)

- The website offering AdSense Revenue Sharing has to comply with AdSense TOS (Terms of Service) otherwise ads will be disabled on it (the accounts won't be banned). doesn't violate AdSense policies.

- has developped a stop-word system which disable AdSense display as soon as one of a list of stop-words has been detected in the url, title or description of the link submitted. Those words include casino, porn, etc. Words which relate to topics not allowed by AdSense.

- If you are thinking of abusing by displaying your AdSense ads on the site and clicking on them yourself, think twice: it doesn't matter where your AdSense ads are displayed on, if you're caught doing that, your account will be banned by AdSense, and there's no going back, no second chance!


When you refer a new member to with your referral link, you will have your AdSense ID displayed on every content pages this member submits, 100% of the time, for life! Even if this new member doesn't have an AdSense account! Your AdSense ad will be located within the text of his scoop, just below the tags. When a member with no referrer submits a content page, you can see an AdSense ad at the very bottom of the screen, this is the third ad (out of the three allowed by AdSense on a single page) and it is removed to make space for your AdSense ad on every pages submitted by members you referred. If you promote your referral link to your online friends and visitors, your AdSense earnings will quickly add up! :-)

If you have any questions related to our AdSense Revenue Sharing program, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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