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Bubblews is an article writing site which shares its revenue with the users. It is little similar to other article revenue sharing websites such as SheToldMe, HubPages and others. It shares the revenue for each page view, comment, and likes. After using this website for just two days, I found myself little addicted. I am sure there are many other users as well who are also addicted to this website.

Over all, it is fun spending time on Bubblews!

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Published 1 year 29 weeks ago – Made popular 1 year 28 weeks ago
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It's true, I am following on

It's true, I am following on google+ several members of my sites and I've noticed that bubblews is being mentionned a lot, so it seems this site has something which makes people love it very quickly.
Don't know what that is, does anyone have an idea?

Thanks for the tip! Guess I

Thanks for the tip! Guess I should give it a try...

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