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There are many different things to do throughout the year and October is no different from any other month in that respect. Here are just a few of the October monthly observances that you might enjoy with family and friends. Whether you love food, things, ideas or people, you can find something to celebrate and appreciate during this time of the year. Take the time to find out more about October monthly observances.

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This is my latest Bubblews money stats update. I was adding them to the Bubblews site like others were doing; but, I guess the site got tired of that so, I started posting my money updates on my blog. This update is actually the second update blog post to my blog. You can find my others on the Bubblews site.

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I’m sure most humans these days fear cancer more than any other disease or illness and, as far as women are concerned, the most feared is breast cancer, but new research has discovered that some breast cancers may be cured by administering male hormones.

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Bubblews is an article writing site which shares its revenue with the users. It is little similar to other article revenue sharing websites such as SheToldMe, HubPages and others. It shares the revenue for each page view, comment, and likes. After using this website for just two days, I found myself little addicted. I am sure there are many other users as well who are also addicted to this website.

Over all, it is fun spending time on Bubblews!

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One thing I can do is grow long hair fast. The year after Hurricane Katrina I shaved all the hair from my head because, I was working alone outdoors to clean up some property. The weather was hot and humid so, shaving my head at that time was the best thing for me to do. Working out in the sun with a head-full of thick hair is like wearing a wet rug on your head in the heat.

However, in just 4 short years my hair is back down to my hips. I use this hair care method of trimming my hair to grow long hair fast. Simply read this advice, and then keep track of the new moon and moon phases.

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