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This is my latest Bubblews money stats update. I was adding them to the Bubblews site like others were doing; but, I guess the site got tired of that so, I started posting my money updates on my blog. This update is actually the second update blog post to my blog. You can find my others on the Bubblews site.

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My mother has recently been diagnosed with the early stages of dementia and, needless to say, this is causing me concern and I’m losing sleep as a result. I’ve tried to get a good eight hours before I have to get up and start work by 9.00 – fortunately I work from home as a writer/digital typist for the real estate industry so I don’t HAVE to be up before 8.30, but even if I go to bed at midnight and read or listen to dreamy classical music on the radio for half an hour, I still find myself tossing and turning well before the end of my eight hour sleep!

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I think the majority of us would love to live to a ripe old age and be healthy to boot, but is it actually possible to reverse the ageing process to some degree? A recent survey carried out at the University of California believes it is.

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Are you one of the millions of office workers who have to work in an open plan environment? What do you think of it both on a personal and professional level?
Strictly I suppose my office is “open plan” on a minuscule scale! I sit beside my partner – he’s a self employed PC technician and we work within about 2 ft of each other.

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I've had an account with Bubblews for a little while now; but I got so busy doing other things to make money online that I never really took the time to use the site properly. However, recently an online friend inspired me to take a closer look at this site, and I have to say in all honesty that I really like using the website to help increase my online revenue. It is easy to use, with a really simple setup I think. As a freelancer I feel pretty good about sharing this site with others since, I can see the numbers going up as I use the site.

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