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I know that researchers come up with new theories every day but who on earth linked the onset of baldness in men with heart disease? It was none other than our Japanese friends! This research is far from conclusive but, just maybe, they might be proved right in the future?!

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Most of my articles are based on either health issues embracing all genders or those that affect women. Being a woman myself I suppose it’s inevitable. But this time around I have discovered something which may be more interesting to men.

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Recent research undertaken in Norway indicates that women smokers may be more at risk than men when it comes to health and disease, with women being more likely to contract cancer. The research covered a wide spectrum, with the experts sifting through over half a million patient records.

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I had been hoping to get out and about a bit more over the long Easter break but, as so often is the case over bank holiday weekends, it was fairly miserable although I tried to grin and bear it and even managed to get the lawn cut!

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Over here in the UK smoking has been banned in public indoor spaces although it’s still permissible outside. So, as a non smoker myself, I no longer have to enter a wine bar only to be greeted with a fog of foul smelling smoke and end the evening being able to taste the tobacco and, worse still, wake up the following morning to a house filled with the nauseating smell of stale tobacco which has woven it’s way into the clothes I’d worn the previous night. So is the electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) the solution to problems borne by both smoker and non-smoker?

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