Bookmark and Share Men's Diamond Ring Crafted in Titanium Size 10 - Diamond and Titanium Ring

Stunning Brand New Men's Band Ring
With Genuine Diamonds Beautifully Crafted in Titanium Size 10

US Size 10 - AU Size T 1/2 - See Ring size chart below

Comes Gift Boxed

Product Description:
item Ring
condition brand new
material titanium
color metallic
total item weight 4.0g ~ 0.13oz
total diamond carat weight 0.15ctw ~ 0.00oz
Gemstone Info:
gemstone diamond
quantity/ctw 4/0.15ctw ~ 0.030g
shape round
color J - K Crystal. Slightly Tinted White to Tinted White
clarity I1 Visible Natural Characteristics
Other Info:
width 7 mm
style band
height 2.5 mm

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Bookmark and Share Male Baldness and Heart Disease

I know that researchers come up with new theories every day but who on earth linked the onset of baldness in men with heart disease? It was none other than our Japanese friends! This research is far from conclusive but, just maybe, they might be proved right in the future?!

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If you are a big, strong man you may not know this. Here are a few tips and thoughtful advice about how to shake hands with a woman. It happens all the time and you may not know it; but your big, strong and ample hands may be causing pain when you shake hands with a lady. The last thing you want to do is hurt someone, especially a lady by shaking her hand.

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Most of my articles are based on either health issues embracing all genders or those that affect women. Being a woman myself I suppose it’s inevitable. But this time around I have discovered something which may be more interesting to men.

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Bookmark and Share Sex-crazed Fruit Fly Goes Out on Binge!

I’m always looking around for new info on wildlife and the environment and came across this incredible tale!

A study has been taking place at the University of California, in San Francisco, into the secret life of the fruit fly and it seems that male fruit flies who are rejected by females drink more alcohol than those who find a willing sex partner!

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