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Adam and I decided to take a few hours away from our home office and make the most of one of the rare days this Spring that the rains abated! A dat well spent as this was one of nature's wonders we discovered!

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I was out to prove that there's no merit in the "Friday the 13th" myth. But would my theory prove correct? It’s 9.15 and I’ve just come into my home office and checked the calendar. Friday the 13th! So, how’s my day so far?

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One of my favorite fashion inspired looks is Boho Style. Boho is short for Bohemian, which has been a style in the fashion industry for decades.

It is a eclectic messy look that really seems to come together at the very last second and transforms into a very chic, yet classic look.

The Boho Style is quite relaxed and totally unconventional, and conveys an

"I really do not care type attitude, and I am happy and most importantly... I LOVE ME".

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Am I The Only Intelligent Being in Norfolk Uk? Unlike 95% of kids here in the UK these days, I left school without having gained a degree (but with respectable grades in my old-fashioned O-Levels!), but even I can see the writing on the wall in my beautiful county of Norfolk UK.

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A silly story in which a Nobel Peace Prize winner gets ridiculously drunk and starts a brawl with Albert Einstein during his prize winning speech - fun to write so hopefully fun to read too Written as a creative writing exercise in Manchester in 2011

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