Bookmark and Share New study says that Young Rich People have Higher Anxiety, I disagree!

Of course I am not a medical professor or anything of the sort, however, as I see it, children of affluent households are more likely to get diagnosed then those of less affluent households. This alone can be the reason why the rates are twice as high. (For the record, households over $170,000 is not "Rich").

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The majority of us are aware that the elderly in particular, are vulnerable to loneliness. Mainly this is due to the loss of a spouse, often combined with the onset of frailty; an unfortunate bi-product associated with old age which disenables them from venturing far from home. But loneliness doesn’t just affect the elderly, it can affect any generation from school children to the elderly.

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Bookmark and Share Could Eating Yoghurt Help Treat Depression?

It would seem that US researchers have found a link between eating probiotic yoghurt and treating depression. This discovery may, in the future, help not only those people suffering from depression but also general stress and anxiety and possibly Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrom and autism to name but a few!

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Relationships are meant to make you feel confident and good about yourself. Unfortunately for many of us, our relationships are the main cause of all of our stress and anxiety. Trying to be someone your not is also a factor in feeling stressed; feeling like you are a failure. The stress and anxiety can sometimes take over who you are, causing you to be insecure in your relationship. In the end sometimes the relationship isn't strong enough to move forward.

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Bookmark and Share How to Improve How You Feel

Where you live and how you live does make a difference in your life. If you or those you live with are suffering from headaches, anxiety or feelings of depression look around you. Is your home full of clutter? Maybe it is time to declutter the home and property to help improve how you feel...

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