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While shopping for holiday gift ideas and Christmas gifts, you might want to keep in mind that December is Safe Toy and Gift Month. Remember to shop for the appropriate age group when buying toys and other gifts for kids and small children.

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A woman from North Dakota has decided to fight childhood obesity by refusing to pass out candy to obese kids this Halloween. Instead of candy, the obese children will receive a letter she wrote for their parents.

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The majority of us are aware that the elderly in particular, are vulnerable to loneliness. Mainly this is due to the loss of a spouse, often combined with the onset of frailty; an unfortunate bi-product associated with old age which disenables them from venturing far from home. But loneliness doesn’t just affect the elderly, it can affect any generation from school children to the elderly.

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Children are our wealth. Time and again, make us laugh and bring us in a good mood. With sincerity and exuberance we always brighten your day. That is why parents want the child to offer anything and everything in their power. If it is sometimes true that children have very few toys or miscellaneous played today, luckily it is not so.

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Based on the comic illustrations of Peyo. The Smurfs are back in this latest sequel. Picking up where the last movie left off, Gargamel is still in the modern world living off whatever is left of the smurf essence he attained in the last movie, as he's now become an international celebrity due to his magic acts.

However, he knows his fame is short lived, and he still yearns to take over the world, so he hatches a plan to kidnap Smurfette, and then forces her to give him the formula that'll turn his latest Naughty creations into smurfs, so he can harvest their essence.

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