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December is Hi Neighbor Month, which is an interesting thing to celebrate during the time of the year. It is a monthly observance that reminds us to remember our neighbors and those around us. This month is a good month to get to know your neighbors. It is also a good month to rekindle friendships with neighbors you may have lost touch with throughout the years.

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Ever wonder the best way to go about evangelizing your neighbors...this is it! Read here for all the tips on how to make your neighbors dislike you and dread your appearance not only on Sunday, but on every day of the week! Ever wondered why folks sometimes get annoyed with Christians? This will definitely give you the scoop! Read on!

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While contemplating military service in the mid 1960’s I found myself caught-up in the latest craze among the citizenry of my hometown - citizens’ band or CB radio. Everyone was doin’ it! I don’t remember just when or what prompted me to purchase my first CB, but after saying just a few words in the handheld microphone and immediately receiving a ‘come back’...

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Making money online or earning an extra income online is not as hard as it sounds and can be quite rewarding. When you type make extra money into a search engine you get literaly thousands of results which can be quite mind boggling. The results you may encounter will be affilliate programs, mystery shopping, surveys and gambling techniques and lots more some of which can be scams. The world of making money online can be quite a scary process because of all the horror stories you may of heard of about people being ripped off and scammed.

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Having bad neighbors is unavoidable. This, regrettably, is universal and it stretches across all racial ethnicities. From the nicest suburbs to the shabbiest areas of the city, the chance that you will have an annoying person living in close proximity to you is very high.

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