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Mega-Millions is the multi-state lotto game that offers a jackpot starting at $12 million and which increases after every drawing in which no jackpot winner is drawn. Drawings are held twice-weekly on Tuesday and Friday nights at 11PM EST.

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This is a really funny video about a family exchanging presents on Christmas Eve. One of the brothers' gives the other a fake lottery ticket as a gift and when the ticket is scratched very awkward and very funny things occur. It's great. Check it out here:

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Published 2 years 49 weeks ago
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Currently, the 6/55 lotto jackpot is 546 million pesos. That's an amazingly huge amount of money and if I win that much money, I will surely pass out.
Just earlier today I bought one lotto ticket with my favorite combination in it. I wanted not to use my favorite combination and just go on with Lucky Pick but the other half of my brain said to go for the ones I am keeping to avoid regrets in the end.

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Published 3 years 2 weeks ago
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While it is technically possible to increase your chances of winning the lottery, it will take a lot of willpower to avoid breaking down and giving up. Once you know the formula, you must stick to it.

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Published 4 years 4 weeks ago
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Purchasing lottery tickets occasionally for fun, gifts, or to try and win a little cash can be enjoyable. But, there are times when lottery ticket gambling can get out of hand. Instances where you find yourself spending most of your paycheck on lottery tickets, purchasing these tickets before paying bills, or buying many lottery tickets a few times a day, may indicate a gambling addiction. If you feel that you have a problem lottery ticket gambling, there are steps you can take to limit or cut your spending on these purchases.

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Published 4 years 8 weeks ago
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