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I recently came across the website called loop11. This is a survey site that claims they pay 12 dollar per survey. After a long registration process I found they are nothing but a scam. The 12 dollars a survey was a bunch of bull. They have ofered me 2 survey each worth less than a dollar. At the current rate I would be working for about 2 dollars an hour. Loop11 is nothing but a scam.

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Maritime Fraud covers all varieties of fraud, describing the methods employed and the risks to traders and carriers. The main focus of this book is the impact maritime fraud has on contracts for sale and carriage, documentary credits and marine insurance. It also details remedies victims may have against fraudsters, their accomplices, or against other traders (who may, of course themselves be innocent), in an attempt to spread the losses.

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FRAUD TRENDS For 2013: In Our Ongoing Efforts To Distribute Current Fraud Trends; Here Are Several New Trends That The Loss Prevention Team Would Like To Bring To Your Attention (You and/or Your Company):

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Consumer-based Fraud Scams:

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Identity theft through social networks get a lot of press these days. Identity thieves use social network sites in combination with many other more tried and true traditional methods of stealing your personal information. Anyone can become a victim. People looking to commit these crimes employ a lot of different methods to breach your privacy. They might search dumpsters, they might pose as a friend, they might troll face book or on line dating sites.

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Published 1 year 41 weeks ago
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If you use PayPal long enough, you will likely have someone threaten your internet and personal privacy via a spoof or phish email. The ones I have experienced look very much like a PayPal and often warn you that some sort of security breach has happened and Paypal will limit your account access. Then the email will ask you for a credit card number or some other private information in hopes that you divulge it.

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