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FRAUD TRENDS For 2013: http://tinyurl.com/292lnrm In Our Ongoing Efforts To Distribute Current Fraud Trends; Here Are Several New Trends That The DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com Loss Prevention Team Would Like To Bring To Your Attention (You and/or Your Company):

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Consumer-based Fraud Scams:

The Romance Scam: You become emotionally involved with someone you've been communicating with on an Internet dating site. Your love interest tells you he/she is moving out of the country for work or wants to fly to your city to meet you, and asks you to wire money to help. If you fall for it, you'll receive more excuses and requests for more money, until you realize you've been scammed.

The Disaster Scam: After a natural disaster like a flood or an earthquake, you receive a letter asking you to help the victims by sending money through a wire transfer. Never transfer money to people or organizations you don't know. If you want to make a donation, give it through a trusted organization where you understand how the funds are being collected and used.

The Relative In Need Scam: You get a call from someone pretending to be a family member or relative, like a grandchild, who's in trouble. Or, the caller pretends to be a lawyer or police officer who is with your family member. They may say the family member needs money to be bailed out of jail, or to pay a fine or for emergency car repair or medical care. If you're not sure that this call is really from a family member, don't fall for this fraud.

Business-based Fraud Scams:

1. With more high quality data becoming available to fraudsters than ever before, an world economies forecast to contract and the UK's and U.S.A.'s benefits spending being reduced, overall fraud levels will continue to increase dramatically across the US, UK and the rest of Europe. Fraud hotspots most likely to be affected in 2013 include: banks and card companies, insurers, online merchants, retailers and government agencies.

2 . The types of fraud likely to see the biggest growth will be CNP (Card Not Present) card fraud, other forms of cybercrime, internal fraud, and supply chain fraud. Procurement fraud is also set to rise significantly. In contracting (shrinking) economies, evidence suggests that people inside this function can be put under pressure to defraud.

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