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I was looking for an alternative to Comcast, (since I will not do business with Comcast or NBC), so I found CenturyLink, who not only had great rates, but provide excellent service! They even managed to hook up my internet service a whole week before the initial date they gave me because I requested hookup as soon as possible since I was in my last week of the semester for my online college courses!

The quality of my service is great and the speed seems faster than the 10 Mbps I ordered.

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The Internet is a big network of computers. Computers are said to be networked when they can communicate with each other, in order to share data or transfer files, etc. When you view a video online, or login to your bank account, or send an email, there is a computer at the other end of the transaction.

For the home user, there are several ways that you can connect to this world wide network. Here are some of the more common ones, with some thoughts on each.

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Convenient Site - Compare Internet Service Provider Plans in Your Area

This is a great site for anyone shopping for new or better internet service. You can compare rates and plans of DSL, Cable and Satellite High-speed Internet Service Providers in your area or, if you are moving, for your new home or apartment. Just submit your address and details and get instant quotes and plan details. It's pretty simple and easier to compare than going back and forth from one ISP's info to another's.

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This is a fantastic how to guide on correcting problems with your DSL connection at home or business. It is very informative with graphics and descriptions. It takes you step by step through the essential need to know steps to perform before you would have to call a tech support line. If you are having issues, definitely check this out before calling that 800 number!

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It is very common to hear users complain about slow computers or if your product doesn'tt perform as expected, without thinking that the reason is because it works like you have not done the necessary maintenance and cleaning for your computer.

It is therefore important to maintain equipment in the offices above. Computer maintenance also includes cleaning tasks.

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