Bookmark and Share MicroGrids Ends The Utility Industry's 100yr Old Monopoly On Power Generation And Distribution

MicroGrids Threatening The Utility Industry's 100yr Old Monopoly On Power Generation And Distribution: http://goo.gl/BFbvTS

Distributed Generation Microgrids Will Reach Nearly $13 Billion in Annual Market Value by 2018

Microgrids are smaller versions of the larger grid, but the power plants are closer to the customer. Hence, they have fewer miles of wire that is vulnerable to falling trees. They are typically connected to the larger grid. But when the grid goes down, the microgrid can disengage and keep operating. So microgrids are used as a way to maintain electric reliability in carved-out areas.

Microgrids will help alleviate a kind of inefficiency beginning to emerge on the grid as more and more consumers and businesses buy their own generators.

“I do think it is coming: it will not be driven by the utilities,”


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