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With Google’s launch of Google TV, many in the tech world are excited, while many of us are still wondering what it is. Google TV is essentially a software platform that combines TV and the internet. Hardware makers will eventually have to develop devices compatible with Google TV. Google TV will work with your existing cable/satellite box and be able to search the web like a typical Google search. Not to mention one of its capabilities that allows you to load a web page on your phone and beam it to your TV. Oh, and it also has apps.
Recently the Logitech has launched a new hardware platform popularly known as the Logitech Revue that currently supports Google TV and all of its goodies. The Revue has thus far been the most popular option for Google TV consumers, with Sony trying to make headway. Eventually companies like Samsung, and Panasonic will likely follow.
The reason why Google TV is so intriguing is because it has no boundaries. Since it is software and not hardware, it can be ever changing and evolving, while hardware companies will be forced to keep up. Google TV is trying to be the gold standard for anything involving new media. Google TV is capitalizing on our need to feel connected. Younger generations are thirsty for devices that can put the whole world at their finger tips. With the internet being a network of infinite possibilities, TV seems somewhat primitive.
So is Google TV really the future of Television as we know it? Absolutely. It currently may seem a little over our heads but as time passes most of America will be running Google TV on whatever device that is hooked up to their TV. How do I know this? Simply look at Google’s track record as a company. They are the go-to company for anything they get involved in. They are the number one search engine in the world, they revolutionized ads with Google Adsense, their smart phones rival the iphone, and gmail is the premier email with the most free storage. Google TV is here to stay because Google is here to stay.

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