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Born in the year 1989, Erik Akkersdijk from Netherlands is now one of the most popular figures when it comes to rubix cube solving. He already gathered a lot of awards for being the fastest rubix cube solver in 2008 alone. One of his records includes the Geneva Open 2008 where he finished solving a 2 x 2 x2 cube in just 0.96 seconds to be exact. Aside from that, Erik Akkersdijk also got the same title during the Czech Open 2008 where it took him only 7.08 seconds to solve rubix cube (3 x3 x 3 cube or the standard size).

Erik Akkersdijk is definitely a fast learner. He did not love the puzzle as a child. As matter of fact, it was only in 2005 when he became interested to solve rubix cube. Since then, he did not get tired of looking for different ways on how to complete the puzzle. With his love for logic and creating solutions no wonder why he is not just the best and the fastest speedcuber today. He is also considered as one of the best students of the Saxion University of Applied Science as well. This is the Deventer-based University where Erik Akkersdijk is taking up Environmental Management.

Since Erik Akkersdijk set his 7.08-second record in 2008, many shows in Netherlands started to request his appearance. One of these shows is called I Bet I Can Do It or "'Ik wed dat ik het kan" in his native tongue. Erik Akkersdijk solved a rubix cube using his feet in a matter of 1 minute and 30 seconds. The show gave him ~1000 as his prize. Aside from that, he also guested in the German Stern TV '“ a show hosted by the infamous Gunther Gaunch.

His recent record was accomplished last 2009 during the Danish Open where he finished the Megamix Average in just 1 minute and 4.34 seconds only.

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