Bookmark and Share Rihanna Claims Former Accountant Left Her “Effectively Bankrupt” In 2009


TMZ reports that the 25-year-old singer was in some serious financial trouble at the end of 2009 after her accountant failed to tell her she was losing money during her Last Girl on Earth tour. The document claims the accountant handled Rihanna’s finances so poorly that the singer went from $11 million at the start of 2009 to just $2 million by the end of it.

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Buddy cop formula 101 is at it again. In this latest buddy cop movie, we have an uptight FBI agent, who's forced to work with a foul mouth cop from Boston. Gee, I wonder what could possibly happen? As expected, you know they're going to bond eventually, get suspended, and save the day anyway. No big shock there, but if your just looking for a decent popcorn flick to watch, then this might be right up your alley.

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It’s being reported that she has developed an addiction to Rx Ambien, pot and alcohol.

Her friends and family were beginning to worry about her, so that’s why she checked into the rehab facility in Arizona

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Bookmark and Share The Wolf of Wall Street


Based on a true story. Jordan Belfort is an upcoming stockbroker on Wall street, who's aching to make a name for himself. Due to a series of events, he finds himself in a rather opportunistic position, as he cons various faceless fools with his "pump and dump" penny stock scheme that makes him an instant millionaire overnight.

However, like all people who gain power this quickly, we also witness his inevitable fall from grace, as this plays as something of a cautionary tale about how it may be okay to want to get rich quick. But, it shouldn't ever come at the cost of one's morals.

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Based on a true story. "Captain Phillips" is based on the 2009 hijacking, where a cargo ship that was sailing close to Africa was hijacked by Somali pirates. Even though nobody was killed, Captain Phillips was taken hostage anyway; which prompted the Navy SEALS to try and rescue him. What transpires in this movie isn't for the faint of heart. Although certain aspects are exaggerated for dramatic effect, it would still be hard that this isn't a great film.

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