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This guide written by FindYourSearch first introduces the search engine optimization company. It goes on to explain what SEO is all about and what to do in order to find your website at the top of search engine results. First, the most basic question is answered: What Is SEO? In short, it's the process of making a website search engine friendly so that people can find it when they search relevant terms. From file structure to meta tags, content, and friendly code, every aspect of a website should be taken into consideration. Each piece is looked at in more detail in "The SEO Process" section. Images and video on a site can also be optimized to further strengthen the pages on which they're placed and bring in their own traffic through image and video searches. From there, the process of off-page SEO begins, a long-term process comprised of building backlinks from around the Web in order to build up the site's authority. Much of this takes place through various social media sites.

The SEO basics discussed in this guide should help anyone get a better handle on the basic concepts and start off right with search engine marketing.

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We really hope this guide

We really hope this guide proves useful to anyone wondering what SEO is all about. Don't be shy to leave us a comment with any questions you may have!

This FindYourSearch guide

This FindYourSearch guide collects a lot of SEO information found around the Web into one place. It's a bit long to read in one sitting, so I recommend you bookmark it and read it in chunks. Beginners and those with some experience should both find useful info here.

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