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CoinMap And useBitcoins.info: Maps Of Bitcoin-Accepting Merchants: http://goo.gl/KCVggm

(Automatically Finds The Nearest Bitcoin-Accepting Businesses)

Bitcoin-Accepting Merchants Increased 81% in November

The Number Of Physical Locations That Accept Bitcoin Has Rocketed.

At The Start Of November, The Number Of Entries On The Leading Mapping Service Stood At 552. This Has Nearly Doubled To Just Over 1,000 Current Entries. Based On Statistics Collected By Contributor Rene-Lee Sylvain, Shows The Number Of Entries From The End Of October To 27th November.

These Statistics Are Based On The Map’s Total Number Of Entries, Which Is Displayed Publicly On The Site.

“CoinMap Doesn’t Look That Good, But It’s Simple. People Go On It, Look For A Place, And There’s Nothing Else They Do,” He Said. “It’s Probably The Optimal Way Because It’s So Simple Right Now.” Says, Rene-Lee Sylvain.

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