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If you love reading books working as a book reviewer might be perfect job for you. Let's look at how to become a book reviewer.
Book lovers all over the world normally share the same lament: there are too many books, and not enough time to read. Not only this, but books can also be expensive. Wouldn't it be nice, bibliophiles ask, if they could get various books for free, and read them all day? If this sounds good to you, then you may want to consider how to become a book reviewer.
Book reviewers' task is just to read books reviewing publications or publishing houses send to them and then they are paid to write their opinion about it. It seems ideal, but also it seems like it would be tough to get started. It is actually not as tough as it seems.
Like many jobs, working as a book reviewer requires some experience and a set of skills. The basic skill needed is to be a thorough and fast reader. You will only be paid based on how well you have reviewed the book and the number of books you can review, so it pays to read comprehensively and quickly. The other skill required is a critical thinking and ability to write. Merely summarizing a story's plot is not enough to be an excellent book reviewer – a person should also be able to form an opinion of what did not work and what worked on the book, and why. Anyone who can do this, and write a brief article describing the book and his or her opinion of it, he or she is well on his or her way to becoming a book reviewer.
If you have no experience in book reviewing, but want to know how to become a book reviewer, you can start by volunteering as a book reviewer for websites. Many authors and booksellers have "reader review" sections for the books they sell. If you have already read a book, and you want to practice writing reviews, they are an excellent option. A majority of these same websites normally offer links to some professional reviews; you can study these professional reviews to get an idea of how various publications handle them, and then follow the example. Once you have written a few reviews, you can then print out some copies of what you have done and keep them as samples.
After practicing how to write reviews, you can start seeking out real-world experience. Your next step from your voluntary reviews is to write reviews for local publications or websites who are accepting freelance work. There are book-review sites which constantly need help; just contact the editor and inquire how you can go about reviewing books for the website and start reviewing books.

If you properly follow these guidelines, you will be able to start your career as a book reviewer within a short time. There is only one thing left for anyone who wants to know how to become a book reviewer to do, and it should be very easy for him or her- Start reading!

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