How to become your own Builderall Leads Machine

What you need in Cheetah:
Script on the magic funnel checks for a cookie, if present then redirects to the thank you page. Also sets another cookie by reading the value of the "u" argument in the url which should have the destination link. This script is on the page's settings.

Script on the thank you page, sets the cookie so that next time the magic funnel page will be skipped, read the "destination link" cookie and sets the HREF of a button on the page with its value or a default value if the cookie is empty. This script is on a IFRAME element on the page.

So, from now on, when you communicate on Facebook or elsewhere, always send to the magic funnel page with a different destination link each time. If the visitor has already given you his name and email, then he/she will see the thank you page with the button with the destination link.

That way you are your own Builderall leads machine, you make sure you share external links only with those who are in your leads downline / mailingboss list.
Do that for days and you'll see a difference in the number of leads you get for Builderall, then it's up to you to work your leads in your mailing list associated with your leads, in order to make them convert to a paid plan.


Introduction to the concept.


The THANK YOU page

Bonus: something to be aware of.

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Do it by promoting any Youtube video!

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