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Have you ever experienced that strange sensory deception whereby you can smell a taste or vice versa - taste a smell? I know I have. Amongst some of the oddest ones have been that parma violet candy that we get over here in UK, to my mind, taste like the smell of a hairdressing salon, with it’s hair sprays and shampoos! And goats cheese tastes like the smell of a goat. If you suffer from this affliction you probably have a mild case of synaesthesia.

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Do you keep a tub of bicarb in your kitchen cupboard for baking? You may be interested to know about a few other uses around the house for this easily available and cheap ingredient. These days I think the majority of us are either looking for cheaper or more eco friendly alternatives to expensive household items and, wandering across the world wide web I came across some alternative uses for good old bicarb

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A regular wash is a must for keeping fresh. Bathing helps to remove sweat before it starts to decompose. A mild soap is always better and a clean sponge and wash-cloth are the only accessories needed. Regular washing also helps to retain your hair’s freshness.

A regular change of clothes is also a must as sweat clings to clothing. Synthetic fabrics encourages sweat to cling on resulting in unpleasant smell. Loose clothes in natural fibers are ideal because it allows sweat to evaporate.

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Our sense of smell also plays an important role in sexual attraction, although this has become considerably muted during human evolutionary development. Its most important roles are those of a warning system and information gatherer: warning us of danger and giving us valuable information bout the outside world.

The close link between the sense of taste and the sense of smell is something we are not always aware of. Only when we have a cold do we realize that not only can we not smell thing, but the taste of food has also vanishe

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