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Resolved to and bring more time and free money into your life in 2011? Use the power of gratitude to align with the source. Spread this New Year’s message freely to your sphere of influence:
"Rick's split and seasoned fir and birch is stacked/ 
beneath the stairs. From upper picture windows/ 
we see silver snow-clouds slowly sweep a storm/ 
along the Thompson Valley south to high/ 
Sahali, til moonrise buffs the skies. The moon/ 
is full tonight. Behind Apostles' Mountains/ 
light pours every luminous valley bright/ 
with snow. At end of day our sated dogs,/ 
who ran the sandy flats at river's shore/ 
in early dusk, surrender now to sleep/ 
on dark wood floor. They warm their flanks by fire,/ 
dreaming of the chase. Nearby in flickering russet/ 
light we toast marshmallows on short-tined/ 
forks, and bask in every hue of gratitude." 
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Published 2 years 48 weeks ago
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